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Model Steam Engine Manufacturers

AMR Online will no longer have a listing of available products to order from on our website due to the lack of time that it takes to keep the website up-to-date and current. A complete listing of all available manufactures is listed below. 

Please submit all orders via email, simply by sending a list including the manufacture, the item number, and a short description for each item you wish to order and we will get back to you as quickly as possible with the availability and our prices.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and we hope you understand and can bare with. 

We offer everyday low prices on Model Steam Engine Products and Supplies. We currently specialize in HO and N scale trains and accessories, but we have access to just about any scale out there. Please send us an email or give us a call for information regarding other scales.

We currently carry the following Manufactures:

  • Atlas Master Gold & Silver Series
  • Atlas Master Rolling Stock & Vehicles
  • Atlas Code 100, Code 83, Code 80, & Code 55 Track & Accessories
  • Atlas Trainman & Trainman Plus
  • Bachmann Industries
  • BLMA Models
  • Bowser Manufacturing Company
  • Central Valley Products
  • Details West
  • ExactRail Platinum, Express, & Evolution Series
  • ExactRail Signature Series (This Line Only, 13% off MSRP)
  • The Intermountain Railway Company
  • KATO USA Trains
  • Micro Engineering
  • Model Rectifier Corporation. (MRC)
  • NCE Corporation
  • Peco Code 100, Code 83, Code 80, & Code 55 Track & Accessories
  • Rapido Trains Inc.
  • Walthers Cornerstone Series Structure Kits
  • Walthers Gold & Platinum Line Rolling Stock
  • Walthers/Proto 1000 & 2000
  • Walthers Shinohara Code 83 Track
  • Woodland Scenics

All Manufactures listed above are available through us at 25% off MSRP. We also have access to all Manufactures listed on the Walthers site, most of which are also available for 20-25% off MSRP. Contact us if your interested in a Manufacture that is not listed above.

We honor ALL Walthers Monthly Sale Flyer Pricing. If the Walthers sale price beats our everyday standard price on a specific item, we will honor the Walthers sale price!!

AMR Online also offers a Custom Building Service

We offer a custom building service for Walthers HO and N scale structures. If you have a structure you want to include on your layout, but just don’t have the time to build it or just plain don’t feel like putting it together, we will assemble and paint the structure kit professionally for you. We will also weather the structure for you if you would like it to look aged instead of a newly built structure. If it’s a brick structure, you may choose to have us highlight the mortar joint details. Decals can also be added to the kit if they are provided or come with the kit. All decals and weathering will be sealed into place with a coat of clear flat finish. All of this to match your needs/specifications for the structure kit. Have a piece of rolling stock you would like weathered? Send it to us and we will weather it for you, HO and N scales only please.

Regular Steam Engine Structure Builds

This service is for regular structure builds only. This means, taking a kit and following the instruction sheet for the build process. Pricing for this service is the retail value of the kit. Purchasing the kit from us will save you an additional 10% on the labor charges; this is on top of the already discounted price of the kit itself. Super detailing the structure such as adding after-market exterior detail items like storage tanks, piping, cadged ladders… are also available at additional charges. Prices for super detailing structures will vary depending on what your needs/wants are.

An example of the total cost for a regular kit build (non-super detailed) that has a retail value of $79.98:

**Kit Retail: $79.98

**Our Discounted Price: $59.99

**Labor Cost: $79.98

**10% off labor cost if kit is purchased from us: $8.00

**Total cost of kit and kit construction: $131.97

Model Steam Engine Structure Builds

This service is for taking one or more of the same kit OR taking X amount of kits and combining them into one or X amount structures. Super detailing the exterior of the structure by adding after-market parts is also available for kitbashed structures at additional charges. Pricing for this service is similar to the Regular Kit Builds.

Structure Weathering

The charges for Weathering Structures are as follows. Small-Medium Sized Structure ~~ $20. Large Sized Structure ~~ $35-$45 depending on how large or how many structures there are to weather. Mortar Joints on Brick Structures Highlighted ~~ Add $15 for Small-Medium Sized Structures and $30 for Large Structures.

Rolling Stock Weathering

$15 per car (HO scale) $10 per car (N scale)

If you are interested a service mentioned above and would like to see some of our past projects, please contact us and we will provide you with some samples.

AMR Trains will be launching a new website shortly for our Custom Building and Weathering service; which will be AMR Custom Trains. A link to the new site will be posted once the site is up and running.

You can buy model steam engine kits here!

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